CNC Horizontal large lathe
CNC horizontal large lathe

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CNC horizontal large lathe
CNC horizontal large lathe
CNC horizontal large lathe

Machine Description

The machine is composed of machine bed , headstock , carriage,tool turret,boring bar device,tailstock,chuck, coolant system,hydraulic system,safety cover, electric system etc. main parts .

One set horizontal CNC lathe with flat bed , adopt Siemens 828D CNC system or other control system,the CNC system is with manual handwheel, and operation interface language is english .

The structure of guide rail is one flat and one V-shaped , the surface with intermediate frequency quenching; The headstock adopt hydraulic four-gear shifts; The tool turret is four station electric tool turret; Tailstock is upper and lower split structure; Machine is equips with semi-enclosed safety cover. The vertical and horizontal transmission of the machine adopts ball screw pair transmission. Main motor adopts AC servo motor drive .

 Machine main parts :

   The machine bed is floor type, with width 1100mm(depends on different models) , cast with high-strength resin sand method, and made of super casting iron HT300. The machine bed has strong rigidity, large bearing capacity and good stability.

The structure of guide rail is one flat and one V-shaped , the surface with intermediate frequency quenching, hardness up to HRC52 , quenching thickness is deep ,which is good for the secondary regrinding of the machine .

There are "W" shaped reinforcing ribs in the inner cavity of the bed, which connect all sides of the bed into a whole, greatly strengthening the rigidity of the machine bed and reducing the stress deformation .

After aging, the residual stress inside the casting parts is well removed, which reduces the release of residual stress during machining and use of the machine, reduces the deformation of the machine bed and reduction of accuracy.

The machine bed is cast with a slope and an arch gate for backward chip discharge, so that the cutting chips, coolant, lubricating oil, etc. can be directly discharged into the chip receiving tray, which is convenient for chips removal and cleaning, and the coolant can also be recycled.

The headstock is an integral structure, which is directly installed on the bed, has strong cutting rigidity and accuracy stability.

The spindle adopt three points supporting , front end is fixed, middle and rear ends are movable ends, front and rear are main supports , and middle is auxiliary supports , the axial positioning is set at the front end, which makes the spindle extend backward after being heated, eliminating the influence of the thermal elongation of the spindle on the accuracy of the machine ; The main drive of the headstock is driven by the MK servo motor, with four hydraulic gears; The spindle system has better rigidity and bearing capacity, stable rotation and high accuracy .

The headstock adopts the form of strong oil lubrication, and the special oil pump is used for lubrication and cooling of gears and bearings inside of headstock . The front end of the spindle adopts a double sealed structure of labyrinth and slot, which can effectively prevent oil leakage and external objects from entering the headstock.

The headstock is equipped with a set of high-precision indexing device, which shows the accuracy of indexing angle, and has a clamping device. In addition, it ensures that the main drive is disconnected during indexing and the indexing is disconnected during turning

The tool turret is composed of a carriage and power turret, and the feed box is fixed under the front of the carriage. The power turret adopts servo control and can be installed with 12 sets of different tools for processing. The Z-axis feed of the carriage is driven by precision ball screw. The tool turret is driven by AC servo motor in Z axis and X axis. The tool turret is equipped with a walking platform, on both sides of which are equipped with pedals for workers to go up and down the tool rest. A button station is set at the left end of the platform.

 Driven by servo motor, X-axis and Z-axis are driven by ball screw pair, and the diameter of X-direction ball screw is φ40x5, the diameter of the Z-direction ball screw is φ80X10, both ends of the ball screw are supported by angular contact ball bearing groups with large contact angle, and the support mode is "fixed-tension", which can increase the movement rigidity and operation accuracy of the ball screw. Both X-axis and Z axis are equipped with a grating ruler to form a closed-loop control.

The tailstock center of the machine is a fixed structure, and the expansion of tailstock sleeve is by manual.

The movement of the tailstock is driven by the AC motor through the gear rack to move the tailstock longitudinally. The tailstock movement is convenient, fast and pleasant. The tailstock is composed of upper and lower parts. The upper part of the tailstock is equipped with tailstock sleeve, mandrel, tailstock sleeve moving mechanism and spindle center adjustment mechanism.

The tailstock main shaft bearing adopts high-precision special main shaft bearing with strong bearing capacity, stable rotation and high accuracy.

The tailstock sleeve and the mandrel are conveniently separated and connected by a key. When using the center, take out the insertion key to make the center rotate with the workpiece, so as to avoid the relative movement between the workpiece and the center and cause the center wear.

A belleville spring mechanism is installed behind the tail shaft to prevent damage to the tail shaft system due to thermal expansion of the workpiece. In order to prevent the slippage between the bed tail and the bed body when jacking the workpiece, a stopper rod is installed on the tail seat.

The lubrication of headstock bearings, gears and bearings in the box are completed by a special used oil pump. The lubrication of ball screw bearings and lubrication points of bed guide rail are intermittent and centralized, and the time is adjustable, effectively preventing the waste of lubricating oil, and effectively improving the dynamic response characteristics of the machine and the service life of the lead screw guide rails. The tailstock is mainly lubricated by manual oil dripping.

It is used to shift the gears of headstock . The four-gear stepless speed regulation of the headstock is realized by hydraulic cylinder and solenoid valve.

The machine is equipped with double sliding door semi-enclosed safety cover, working area has lighting lamp , which is beautiful in appearance and neat. The operation panel is installed on the movable sliding door, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

This machine is equipped with a boring device, which can bore the inner hole of the workpiece. The boring device is installed on the widened and thickened special slide plate. The rear of the boring bar is supported by a linear guide rail installed on the carriage to increase the rigidity of the boring bar. Counterweight is also added at the rear of the boring bar according to the processing conditions to ensure the processing accuracy. The boring bar is internally equipped with cooling water pipes for cooling the processing tools. 

The machine is equipped with a set of center frame according to the requirements of workpiece boring and end face drilling. The machine tool is equipped with a slider-type closed center frame. 

The machine is equipped with chain plate auto chips conveyor, integrated water tank and cooling pump.The chips conveyor is installed at the back of the machine. The cooling pump sends cooling water to the tool turret through pipes. The used cooling water flows into the chips conveyor through the chips outlet of the bed, and then flows into the water tank for recycling after sedimentation.

The CNC large lathe  could have the function of milling,grinding,drilling,boring. If need,please notice.

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