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Main Products

Drilling capacity: solid drilling 20mm to 150mm,counter boring from 30mm to 800mm,can drill/bore the depth up to 15000mm. (depends on different models).

Length to diameter ratio:400:1

Remarks:Some customers who works in oilfield industry,their jobs are solid bar and they have a request to drill upto 150mm directly. For this industry field,we have three solutions:

The first is by using our drill collar customerized deep hole drilling machine,called "Through"type BTA drilling system,which has the function of large torque,big force,high efficient. 

The second solution is,we have customerized headstock,which could has big force and could drill to 150mm directly. 

The last solution is,by using trepanning process,get a solid core bar from the job,this deep hole process mode is the most economic deephole drilling solution,it is with lower cost,save electricty and could get a small bar. The drill collar materials are 4145H steel,Non magnetic steel TWZ-3LS,P-550 etc. These materials are expensive,if could be recycle used,it will be benefit for the client.


Deep drilling deviation:if both tools and job rotate,the deviation is 0.5mm per 1000mm.

If only tool or job rotate,the deviation is 1mm per 1000mm.

Remarksif our clients have special request for the hole off center accuracy,such as oil and gas industry cast furnace tubes,they asked for very small hole drift after deep hole processing,normally we use deep hole pull boring machine or pull boring head instead of counter boring process. So if you have a special requirements for the deep hole drilling process,just inform us,our professional team will give you corresponding solutions.

Function of Deephole drilling machines:

Solid drilling: If the jobs are solid bar,get a hole by solid drilling. Drilling diameter is from 20mm to 150mm. depends on models.

Counter boring: If the jobs are hollow tubes,needs to expand the hole bigger,will use counter boring head. According to customer requirements,we have single inserts boring head,double inserts boring head and three inserts,which the cutting volume are different. More inserts will have much  bigger cutting volume.

Pull boring: if customer request less deviation tolerance for a hollow pipe,we will use pull boring process to get the good result.

Trepanning:If customer wants bigger size hole,normally bigger than 100mm,we suggest to use trepanning process, which is more economic and could get a smaller core,it will be benefit for the user if the materials are expensive.

Burnishing:The burnishing head use the rollers to press the inner surface of the tubes to get a harder and better roughness of the inner hole.

Remarks: The deep hole drilling machine have the above functions. different jobs and different surface roughness request need to choose correspondance process,all the tools are designed and manufactured by ourselves,we are OEM manufactuer of drill head and boring head for some world famous brand. Our drill head quality is up to European level. The most important is,we are flexible to design the tools for different applications.


DeepHole finished roughness:

Solid drilling:IT9-IT11. hole roughness:Ra3.2um-Ra6.3um.

Rough boring:T8-IT9. hole roughness:Ra3.2um-Ra6.3um.

Fine boring:IT7-IT9. hole roughness:Ra1.6um-Ra3.2um.

Burnishing:IT6-IT7. hole roughness:Ra0.4um-Ra0.8um.

Remarks:The hole roughness depends on materials as well. If the material is harder,it will have better roughtness,it also depends on BTA drilling tool conditions,if the tools are new,we could get better,if it is worn out,the roughness will be affected.

Available models:

TSK2106 deephole drilling machine(max counter boring hole diameter is 100mm).

TSK2120 deep hole drilling machine(max counter boring hole diameter is 200mm).

TSK2125 deep hole drilling and boring machine(max counter boring hole diameter is 250mm).

TSK2135 BTA deep hole drilling machine(max counter boring hole diameter is 350mm).

TSK2150 BTA deep hole drilling and boring machine(max counter boring hole diameter is 500mm).

TSK2180 deephole bore machine(max counter boring hole diameter is 800mm).

Remarks:we could make customerized deephole drilling machine as well. Not limited to the above models. 

  • we could make BTA deep hole drilling and gundrilling combined machine,with two drilling systems changable,so the hole range could be from 6mm to 100mm and it could bore as well. 

  • we could make deep hole drilling and honing combined machine,this is not suggested,but if customer has a space limit,it will be a good choice. 

  • We could make 3D BTA deep hole drilling machine,which could work on irregular shape jobs,rectangle plates or molds. 

  • we could make 8 shape hole deep hole drilling for screw barrel industral. 

All in all, since customer has a request,we could make the right machine accordance with them.

Application industry for deep hole cutting solutions:

Hydrualic and Pneumatic cylinders:  The hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinder tubes must work reliably in a long periods, and their working condition is difficult,under this case, The hydraulc cylinders tubes needs precision dimensional accuracy and best inner surface roughness. Therefor,our BTA deep hole drilling machine is the suitable machine to work for the high requirements cylinder tubes. Of course,our SRB machine,could work for the hydraulic cylinders as well. and it has best efficiency. For the the extrem big and long size. BTA deep hole drilling machine has its advantage as well. it is reliable and stable. So for hydraulic cylinder industry,choose BTA deep hole drilling machine or SRB machine,depends on the cylinder sizes and length.

Oil and gas industry: For drill collars,drillpipes and submersible pumps,our deep hole drilling machines is the ideal equipment for the oilfield industry.The material for this industry are special,such as nickel steel,4145H steel,Non magnetic steel,etc. The solid bar needs to solid drill,while the materials is not easy to cut,we have several solutions for the drill collar products,one is customerized drill collar deep drilling machine,which has big force and drill upto 150mm directly. we also have modified headstock,which could have enough force to drill to 150mm directly. The most economic way is by using trepanning process,by using this process,we could get core and save electricity. Also for longer drill collars,we use rack and pinion structure,instead of ball screw,which will slag under the earth gravity.

Extruder barrel industry: The extruder barrel,Material is 38CrMoAl. Needs deep hole drilling machine and deep hole honing machine to solid drilling and honing the inside hole.

Paper machinery industry: By using our deep hole drilling machine to work on the rolling calenders. The rolling calenders has high requirements for the deep hole drilling machine in tolearance accuracy.Metallurgical roll, corrugated rod of paper machinery industry.

Military industry: Gun barrels,our deep hole drilling machine could drill gun barrels. The accuracy is very good. If gun barrel materials are good enough,no need deep hole honing process. We also have rifle machine for gun barrels. Test torpedo launch tube, antimissile launch tube, high-speed oil cylinder, reentry machine parts, etc

Coal industry: for some big coal industry companies,they needs BTA deep hole drilling machine to drill  hydralic brackets.

Molds industry:water hole of molds,Thimble hole, runner hole, guide post hole and bottle mold hole.we have 3D BTA deep hole drilling machine,which is suitable for molds industry.

Automobile industry: cylinder head, cylinder block (internal combustion engine), crankshaft, steering gear rack, gear shaft and valve core. Our BTA deep hole drill machines could have square working table,so the square cubic parts can be put on the table to be drilled.

Oil pump nozzle industry: injection gas, needle valve body, plunger sleeve and other parts.

Drilling different holes:through hole,blind hole,concentric hole,eccentric hole,step hole.

Automation:automatic loading and unloading feeding system is optional. Controlled by CNC,hydraulc cylinders working system,auto loading and unloading,auto clamping system.

CNC controller: Siemens/Fanuc/GSK CNC /PLC controller.

Standard accessories:①Cart②Air conditioner for electrical box③Coolant pump④Steady rest for tools⑤Working light⑥Tool box⑦English operation manual.

Optional accessories:①Auto chips conveyor ②Drum type paper filter③Guide bush④Steady rest guide bush⑤Oil centrifugal extractor⑥Transformer⑦Coolant chiller⑧Full cover safety guard.

Guanlu brand deep hole drilling machines mainly structure:

Machine bed:

Guanlu Machine bed is cast by HT300,The machine bed is made of resin sand,the machine is quanched and tempered,precise ground by our Germany Heckert brand guide grinder machine,which is with very good accuracy.the hardness can be HRC48-HRC52 .Single guide rail dimension is width x thickness=160mmX40mm; total width of guide rail is 600mm; Our machine bed structure is strong and with good rigidity.

We adopts double rectangle flat guide rail,our single guide width is 160mm(T2120 model),while T2150 single guide width is 180mm,so we have a better loading capacity than others.Our carrier supporter plate has good positioning capacity,we use manual skiving traditional model to work on the carrier,so it has a tight bond between carrier and guider.This structure is same as European famous brand,so the machine running in a smooth way.





It drive the workpiece to rotate, Manual three-gears, speed stepless between each gear;The gears are precise ground, gear surface is quenched,so the hardness of the tooth surface is HRC48-52, Thereso,it has charecter of  high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance and high fatigue limit, and can withstand relatively large alternating load and shock load.



Drill box

It is driving the cutting tool to rotate; Manual three-gears, speed stepless among each gear,The gears are precise ground, gear surface is quenched,so the hardness of the tooth surface is HRC48-52, Thereso,it has charecter of  high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance and high fatigue limit, and can withstand relatively large alternating load and shock load 



Oil pressure head

It is important part of the machine. Its function is guiding the cutting tool, supplying cutting oil and supporting the workpiece ; Servo motor has two functions,one is control the infeeding,the other is driving the oil pressure head to tighten or loosend the jobs.the whole oil pressure head adopts box structure, with high precision and rigidity.



Drill bar support rest/Vibration absorb.

its function is supporting the drill bar ; High rigidity integral structure is adopted, on which a support sleeve is assembled,so it can absorb the shock and vibration produced during machining.



Center Rest

Used for supporting the workpiece; Three-point closed type center rest structure, two rollers below, and one roller on the top; The lateral position of two rollers below is adjusted by screw.



Remark: Because of commerical secrets,more details information about our machine structure,please contact to get.


Guanlu brand DEEP HOLE MACHINE advantages compared with other competitors:

My city is famous for deep hole drilling machines,as the deep hole machine base of China,60-70 competitors are available. The followings are our advantages,but it is not limited for the below items,we could not list one by one and our machine is improving continuously,the information could not been updated in time





Details about Guanlu and Guanlu Brand BTA deep hole drilling machine.

Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd,is founded in year 2011,we are the most famous factory in my local to manufacture deep hole drilling machines. My city Dezhou is the production base of deep hole machines in China. Almost 99% BTA deep hole drilling machines are produced here.

We have our own strongly machining facilite, Germany brand Heckert guide grinder,Japanese SNK five face milling center ,chinese most famous planner,VMC,Lathes,box boring machine,milling machine and so on. With these good machning facility,we could be able to manufacture the best quality and best accuracy deep hole machines,under proper management system,we could orgnize production properly,our delivery of machines are stable and in time,we also have some regular models stocks.

Our deep hole drilling machine has been exported to more than 50 countries and gained good reputation and fame. We improved our quality and structure day by day. 

Our city is famous for BTA deep hole drilling machines,which is the production base of BTA deep hole drilling machines. Frankly speaking,our location is the only place to manufacturer deep hole drill machines. All the source are gathering here,we have the machine bed foundry factory,these foundry factories has the large bed casting capacity,while other places are not easy to cast the big machine bed, Our city is the birthplace of the BTA deep hole drilling machines,professional experts and talented engineers are all gathering in my city. The deep hole drilling machines are the mainly industry of our city,Machines, BTA tools,and relative industries are all around. Please remember,our city name is: DEZHOU.  but Dezhou is not a brand name,it is only our city name. Our Brand is Dezhou Guanlu. Please distinguish. 


DZ Guanlu FACTORY advantages compared with other competitors:Our city is the production base of deep hole drilling and boring machines. Among these local competitors,our company is the first choice once clients has visited us and saw our deep hole machines. we have the absulately advantages than others.

Big workshops and Big factory: we have four workshops,one commercial office building and totally 70000square meters working area.  

  • One workshop is 10000square meters.

  • Two other are 13000 square meters each.

  • One is 8000 square meters.

All workshops are heavy duty,crane is 32tons,height is 14meters.

Floor foundation loading is 400tons.

SO we have capacity to manufacture heavy duty and long length deep hole drilling machines.

Strong machining facilities. Good quality and good accuracy machines are maufactured by good machining machines and skilled workers. We have two sets Germany brand Heckert guide grinder. The guide rail of the deep hole machines are the most important part,it decides the accuracy of machines. after ground by our grinder,the surface of the machine bed likes mirror. Our Japanese brand SNK five face milling machine will work on all the box parts of the BTA drilling machine. Chinee famous brand horizontal boring machine,planning machine,VMC machines,CNC lathe machines.

Most famous technicians. Our company has the most professional technicians. Six engineers totally. All of them had worked in this field for more than 15years. They are full of experience,can design the deep hole machines according to customers request.

Skilled worker teams. Nowadays,it is not easy to hire workers. Especially skilled workers. But our company has special management system to keep these skilled workers. So all of our machines are assembled by skilled workers.

Our BTA deep hole drilling machine has advanced structure. Rack and pinion transmission,which could be stable and will have big force for the machine and no need to replace spare parts after one or two years. Wider guide rail and extremely strong strucuter of machine bed,which will make the machine with big loading capacity and with good ridigity. More advantages will inform you after contact us.

Quality control system,from machine design,parts purchase,parts machining ,machine assemble,machine test running,machine packing,all the process,we have inspection system to warranty the deep hole machine quality.

We use ERP to manage the whole company running system. Every purchase parts,produced parts,machined parts are inspected seriously, all the asseble process are inspected by our inspector.

Our inspection instruments: Renishao laser inferferometer,laser linear meter,roughness meter,time aging meter and so on. ALl of our instruments are inspected every year.

We are the only deep hole machine manufactuer that can sign quality assurance contract and after sale service contract ,so all customer will rest assured after buy our machines.


In time after sale service:




Certificates of our factory:

Guanlu factory passed the ISO9000,Healthy certificate,CE and all necessary certificates.


Some exhibition we have attended and some photos of our customer visiting:

Our deep hole machines have been exported to more than 45 countries,most of customers will come to visit us before place orders or inspect machines before shipment. See photos below:


Guanlu has been attended many international exhibitions:



FAQ time:

Q:Are you real deep hole drilling machines manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are 100% real factory manufacturer,who could provide you reliable and eternal after sale service.  we are the REAL factory directly sale. VIDEO CALLL ANY TIME.

Q:Can you design the deep hole drilling machines according to our job and our special requirements?

A:Yes,we always accept the customs designed orders. Such as combined gundrilling and BTA drilling machine,deep hole boring SRB machine,barrel screw drilling(eight shape hole)machine,quartz glass drilling machine,BTA drilling and honing combined machine,double end drilling machine and so on.

Q:How many countries have you export,after sale service available?

A:We have exported to more than 50 countries until this year. we have agent in Russia,India,France,Canada,Mexcio and Brail....

Q:What is your deep hole drilling machines warranty ?

A:Normally,our deep hole drilling series machines warranty is for one year,if longer warranty request,we could discuss.

Q:What is your machines lead time?

A:For regular deep hole drilling machines,such as T2120,T2125,we have semi machines,which we could build the machine within one month. for the customerized machine,it depends on the design time,about 4month orso.

Q:Will you test the machine before shipment?

A:Yes,no matter the client will come to inspect the deep machine before shipment or not,we will test two or three pieces jobs ,in case the machine has problems,we could solve it before shipment.

Deephole machine package when shipping:

Machines will be packed by plastic film,all the small parts are packed into wooden box,while fragile parts such as panels are well packed and protected.Parts inside containers will be well fasten by irons and belts.

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