CNC Gun Drilling Machine

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CNC Gun Drilling Machine

Drilling hole range:

Φ2mm-Φ10mm (ZSK2101 series)//Φ3mm~Φ20mm (ZSK2102 Series)// Φ3mm~Φ30mm (ZSK2103 Series)//Φ6mm~Φ40mm (ZSK2104Series)

Max drilling depth:500/1000/1500/2000/2500 mm/3000mm/4000mm

Function:Gundrilling and reaming

CNC controller system:Fanuc/Siemens/GSK

Deep drilling deviation:if both gun drill and job rotate,the deviation is 0.5mm per 1000mm.

                                      If only gun drill or job rotate,the deviation is 1mm per 1000mm.

Hole finished roughness:Ra6.3um-Ra0.4um.if customer has specific requirements,much better surface roughness will be avaialble by using special tools and drilling solution.

Available models:single spindle,double spindle,four spindle and six spindle gun drilling machines

2D gundrilling machine,suitable to drill plates,which the holes are in one line.

3D gundrilling machine,suitable to drill molds and irregular parts,which the several holes are in one job.

3D combined gundrilling and BTA deep hole drilling machine,which has a wider drilling range,one machine could use gundrilling and BTA drilling sytem both.

Gundrilling application:

automobile industry(engine valve,valve guide,cam shaft,steering rack,fuel injection),hydraulic cylinder industry,moulds industry(glass bottle molds and pallet die,mill die),medical parts industry,textile industry,mineral coal industry and so on.

Medical implants,we have made several sets gundrilling machines for this type parts,such as bone nails,medullary nails,bone screws or stents,most of these parts materials are SS316 or Titanium. Parts are with quite thin walls and always needs good roughness and smallest off center deviation.

Die molds industry,Our 3D deep hole drilling machine/gundrilling machine is used for this industry field. Our innovation combined gundrilling and BTA drilling 3D deep hole drilling machine could work for holes from 6mm to 100mm. and the 3D drilling machine could drill,boring,milling and tapping. it could has rotary working table. For molds industry,it is a good choice to reduce cost and enhance efficiency.

Gun barrels in military,we have good experience to make gundrilling machine to drill blank gun barrels. If the materils is good enough,no need deep hole honing machine,by using gundrilling and reaming process to get perfect gun barrels. We also make rifle machines and vertical honing machines for this applications.

Automotive industry deep hole applications: For this industry,always need high volume production and utmost precision,so we always make four spindles or six spindles gundrilling machine with auto loading and unloading sytem to adopt its usage.


Drilling material:all type of metals and some non-metals,like quartz glass and Nylon.

Drilling jobs:all shapes of jobs,round bar, shaft and blocks(use different fixture)

Drilling different holes:through hole,blind hole,concentric hole,eccentric hole,step hole.

Automation:automatic loading and unloading feeding system is optional.

                    Siemens/Fanuc/GSK CNC controller


Standard accessories:①Chip conveyor and cart②Air conditioner for electrical box③Coolant pump④Steady rest for tools⑤Working light⑥Tool box⑦English operation manual

Optional accessories:①Drum type paper filter②Guide bush③Steady rest guide bush④Gundrill resharping grinding machine⑤Full cover safety guard⑥Oil extractor⑦Transformer⑧Coolant chiller

Guanlu brand deep hole gun drilling machines mainly structure:


Headstock: It drives the workpiece to rotate , the spindle can do axial  movement under than control of hydraulic system , to tighten and loosen the workpiece, it is good for protecting the main motor .


Workpiece clamping:The cone disc is mounted in front end of spindle for headstock and guide frame, the hydraulic system control the headstock spindle to do axial movement, use the cone disc and chamfer on both end of workpiece to clamp and position the workpiece automatically ;


Drill box: Adopt the servo motor driving the spindle to rotate through synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel, speed stepless , the max. rotary speed of spindle is 5000r/min , One motor drives two spindles to rotate.Spindle pre positioned is beneficial to protecting the main motor and changing knives easily.


Drill bar support: The movement between drill bar support rest and drill box can be linkage; The distance between drill bar support rests keep the same when the drill box in any position .

drill bar support.png

Guanlu brand DEEP HOLE GUNDRILLING MACHINE advantages compared with other competitors:




Company Brief introduction:

Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd,is founded in year 2011,we are the most famous factory in my local to manufacture deep hole gun drilling machines. My city Dezhou is the production base of deep hole machines in China.  

We have our own strongly machining facilite, Germany brand Heckert guide grinder,Japanese SNK five face milling center ,chinese most famous planner,VMC,Lathes,box boring machine,milling machine and so on. With these good machning facility,we could be able to manufacture the best quality and best accuracy deep hole machines,under proper management system,we could orgnize production properly,our delivery of machines are stable and in time,we also have some regular models stocks.

Our gun drilling machine has been exported to more than 50 countries and gained good reputation and fame. We improved our quality and structure day by day. 

Four workshops,totally 70000 square meters. Crane is 32tons and floor foundation is for 400tons. Machine shop is 300meters long.

Long workshop,heavy duty workshops and suitable for big size deep hole machines manufacturing.

DZ Guanlu FACTORY advantages compared with other competitors:

Guanlu gun drilling machines have been exported to more than 50 countries,Except our advanced machine structure and satisfied performance,our factory has our own competitive edge.

Strong machining facilities. Good quality and good accuracy machines are maufactured by good machining machines and skilled workers. We have Germany brand Heckert guide grinder. The guide of the deep hole machines are the most important part,it decides the accuracy of machines. after ground by our grinder,the surface of the machine bed likes mirror. Our Japanese brand SNK five face milling machine will work on all the box parts of the deep drilling machine.

Most famous technicians. Our company has the most professional technicians. All of them had worked in this field for more than 15years. They are full of experience,can design the gundrilling machines according to customers request.

Skilled worker teams. Nowadays,it is not easy to hire workers. Especially skilled workers. But our company has special management system to keep these skilled workers. So all of our machines are assembled by skilled workers.

Our gun drilling machine has advanced structure. Absorb European good features of the structure. 

Quality control system,from machine design,parts purchase,parts machining ,machine assemble,machine test running,machine packing,all the process,we have inspection system to warranty the deep hole  gundrill machine quality.



Certificates of our factory:


Some exhibition we have attended and some photos of our customer visiting:

Our deep hole machines have been exported to more than 50 countries,most of customers will come to visit us before place orders or inspect machines before shipment. See photos below:


Guanlu has been attended many international exhibitions:


Q:Are you real gun drilling machines manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are 100% real factory manufacturer,who could provide you reliable and eternal after sale service.  we are the REAL factory directly sale. VIDEO CALLL ANY TIME.

Q:Can you design the Gun drilling machines according to our job and our special requirements?

A:Yes,we always accept the customs designed orders. Such as combined gundrilling and BTA drilling machine,double end drilling machine and so on.

Q:How many countries have you export,after sale service available?

A:We have exported to more than 50 countries until this year. we have agent in Russia,India,France,Canada,Mexcio and Brail....

Q:What is your deep hole gun drilling machines warranty ?

A:Normally,our deep hole drilling series machines warranty is for one year,if longer warranty request,we could discuss.

Q:What is your machines lead time?

A:For regular deep hole gun drilling machines,we have semi machines,which we could build the machine within one month. for the customerized machine,it depends on the design time,about 4month orso.

Q:Will you test the machine before shipment?

A:Yes,no matter the client will come to inspect the deep machine before shipment or not,we will test two or three pieces jobs ,in case the machine has problems,we could solve it before shipment.

Deephole machine package when shipping:

Machines will be packed by plastic film,all the small parts are packed into wooden box,while fragile parts such as panels are well packed and protected.Parts inside containers will be well fasten by irons and belts.


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