Customerized Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Deep hole rifling machine

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Deep hole rifling machine
Deep hole rifling machine
Deep hole rifling machine
Deep hole rifling machine
Deep hole rifling machine
Deep hole rifling machine
Deep hole rifling machine

Machine usage: For Rifle Broaching of gun barrel

Machine mainly structure:

Max job length:1000mm

Job clamping: hydraulic tailstock,job positioning rest equips coned disc,the tainlstock’s main spindle can be forced out automatically undere the hydraulic system control. Use the chamfering to clamp and positioning the job automatically.

Machine mainly consist of: machine bed,working table,main spindle box,tail holder rest,job positioning rest,hydraulic tailstock,two sets job supporting rest,linear guide rail,GSK CNC system  

The machine bed,working table and chambers are cast parts.

Main spindle box Z axis move: adopts servo motor,servo gear reducer,ball screw drive to Z axis,max rapid spped is 4.5m/min,servo motor paramters: 4.7KW、15Nm;The movement is using linear guide rail.

Main spindle box rotating(C direction): adopts servo motor,servo gear reducer to drive main spindle rotating to C direction,main spindle max rotating speed  10r/min,Servo motor parameters: :2.8KW、18Nm

During working,main spindle rotating to C directing,at the same time Z direction moves, Z direction and C direction(the two axis) are interlocked.

Hydraulic tailstock: Could be manual move in the T slot working table,used for different length jobs clamping,after move to the suitable position,hand lock to the working table,movable guide rail is rolling linear guide rail; The tailstock’s main spindle could be expanded out or contracted in under the hydraulic system control. Used for jobs loosen or fasten.  

Job positioning rest: equips coned disc,work with the hydraulic tailstock to fasten the job.

Job supporting rest: two sets,used for job pre positioning.

Adopts elastic collect to connect the tool holder and main spindle,loosen or lock by hand.



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