Deep Hole Honing Machine

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Deep Hole Honing Machine

The deep hole honing machine is for honing the inner hole.

Application industry: hydraulic industry,construction vehicle industry,aviation industry,machinery industry,coal mine machinery,moulds and dies industry,energy industry,water dam,car& engine industry.

Honing range,20mm to 800mm, honing length is from 300mm to 18000mm.

Dezhou Guanlu deep hole honing machine advantages:

Equips Servo expanding system,which could realize rated infeeding and rated expanding. 

The honing position could have inside and outside oil furnish,by this technology,we could get much better surface roughness.

Honing head is produced by our own factory, it is made by light materials,which could get good rounness surface,especially for the big size honing diameter.

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Machine bed is Cast by super casting iron, after twice aging treatments, to ensure operational stability.


The machine is a high-speed running linear guide, which ensures the stability of the high-speed feeding of the honing machine, and the guide slider is automatically lubricated at regular intervals. The servo motor drives the gear rotation to drive the reciprocating motion of the grinding rod box.


The machine returns oil quickly to protect the workshop environment and save cost.
The machine transmission adopts Taiwan rack and pinion. Servo motor and Taiwan precision reducer. Transmission torque is large, the machine tool is more durable.



The cooling method during honing is external oil feeding and internal oil feeding, and the internal oil feeding method is timely cooling and rapid pin punching.


The expansion method of quilting head is controlled by servo motor, which can realize two ways of free conversion of quantitative and constant pressure, improve the cylindricity and ellipticity of the processed hole, protect and improve the life of honing head


The structure of the electric cabinet is American Rittal structure, with good ventilation and heat dissipation, dustproof performance. Electric box with refrigerator. Low voltage electrical components are Schneider brand to ensure stable operation of the machine.


The cooling system filtration method is magnetic filtration and filter paper filtration to ensure clean and stable coolant output and smooth chip discharge.

Honing machine overview

Machine Main Components by Machine bed, honing box, 2sets workpiece carriers, honing bar support rest, rack and pinion, coolant system, PLC control system, electric cabinet, working lamp .

Machine processing capacity

Processing accuracy

Hole diameter range :Φ25500mm

Max. Honing depth: 12000mm

Max. Workpiece length :12000mm

Hole size accuracy: IT6~IT7

Straightness: 0.07mm/1000mm

Surface roughness: Ra0.2~0.4um

Machine functions

The machine is used for precision processing of various cylindrical workpieces with deep hole ,such as hydraulic cylinders and cylinders etc. .

It can do either whole honing or local honing ; When honing locally, the errors of taper, ellipse and local aperture can be corrected.

Details about Guanlu and Guanlu Brand  deep hole honing machine.

Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd,is founded in year 2011,we are the most famous factory in my local to manufacture deep hole honing machines. My city Dezhou is the production base of deep hole machines in China. Almost 99% BTA deep hole honing machines are produced here.

We have our own strongly machining facilite, Germany brand Heckert guide grinder,Japanese SNK five face milling center ,chinese most famous planner,VMC,Lathes,box boring machine,milling machine and so on. With these good machning facility,we could be able to manufacture the best quality and best accuracy deep hole machines,under proper management system,we could orgnize production properly,our delivery of machines are stable and in time,we also have some regular models stocks.

DZ Guanlu FACTORY advantages compared with other competitors:Our city is the production base of deep hole honing machines. Among these local competitors,our company is the first choice once clients has visited us and saw our deep hole machines. we have the absulately advantages than others.

Big workshops and Big factory: we have four workshops,one commercial office building and totally 70000square meters working area.  

  • One workshop is 10000square meters.

  • Two other are13000 square meters each.

  • One is 8000 square meters.

All workshops are heavy duty,crane is 32tons,height is 14meters.

Floor foundation loading is 400tons.

SO we have capacity to manufacture heavy duty and long length deep hole machines.

Strong machining facilities. Good quality and good accuracy machines are maufactured by good machining machines and skilled workers. We have two sets Germany brand Heckert guide grinder. The guide rail of the deep hole machines are the most important part,it decides the accuracy of machines. after ground by our grinder,the surface of the machine bed likes mirror. Our Japanese brand SNK five face milling machine will work on all the box parts of the BTA drilling machine. Chinee famous brand horizontal boring machine,planning machine,VMC machines,CNC lathe machines.

Most famous technicians. Our company has the most professional technicians. Six engineers totally. All of them had worked in this field for more than 15years. They are full of experience,can design the deep hole machines according to customers request.

Skilled worker teams. Nowadays,it is not easy to hire workers. Especially skilled workers. But our company has special management system to keep these skilled workers. So all of our machines are assembled by skilled workers.

Quality control system,from machine design,parts purchase,parts machining ,machine assemble,machine test running,machine packing,all the process,we have inspection system to warranty the deep hole machine quality.

We use ERP to manage the whole company running system. Every purchase parts,produced parts,machined parts are inspected seriously, all the asseble process are inspected by our inspector.

Our inspection instruments: Renishao laser inferferometer,laser linear meter,roughness meter,time aging meter and so on. ALl of our instruments are inspected every year.

We are the only deep hole machine manufactuer that can sign quality assurance contract and after sale service contract ,so all customer will rest assured after buy our machines.


In time after sale service:




Certificates of our factory:

Guanlu factory passed the ISO9000,Healthy certificate,CE and all necessary certificates.


Some exhibition we have attended and some photos of our customer visiting:

Our deep hole machines have been exported to more than 50 countries,most of customers will come to visit us before place orders or inspect machines before shipment. See photos below:


Guanlu has been attended many international exhibitions:



Deephole machine package when shipping:

Machines will be packed by plastic film,all the small parts are packed into wooden box,while fragile parts such as panels are well packed and protected.Parts inside containers will be well fasten by irons and belts.

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